Established in 1986, our Wimbledon based dance school provides training in all forms of dance, both recreational and vocational. This is where our pupils grow up in a close-knit, fun environment where everybody knows each other. Many of our pupils seem to live in the school and have so much fun they are still with us into their twenties!

We aim to encourage and train our pupils to audition for places at vocational establishments. Our girls and boys have gone on to study at some of the most reputable institutions including Stonelands, Tring, Elmhurst and the Royal Ballet School. Those that have shown an aptitude have also been accepted to dance with the National Youth Ballet, London Children’s Ballet and the English Youth Ballet.

We are so proud of the success we have achieved with our pupils over the years, and thank the students and their families for all their commitment.  Please read our Facebook pages as we have so many photos and achievements from the children.

National Youth Ballet

For the last 25 years consecutively, we have had children attaining places with the National Youth Ballet. Our children were picked out of the whole of Great Britain.

London Children’s Ballet

This year and in 2008, a number of pupils from our school also made up about 10% of the London Children’s Ballet cast. Please see our Facebook page for more details and photographs of these dancers.

Blue Peter

We have also performed with the National Youth Ballet on Blue Peter where four out of the 16 dancers selected were from our school.