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Modern Classes

funky, jazz, lyrical and fun


Modern dance is a big heading, which is so much fun and really good for the body.  Modern covers jazz , lyrical  and is funky with lots of limbering, which is important  for ballet too. Today’s dance companies are a fusion of Ballet, modern and contemporary. We follow the ISTD syllabus, and most dancers who have landed up in West End musicals are ISTD trained. Our classes are modern and we use a lot of current popular music which again is varied to encourage inspiration and motivation. Daisy Smalley Nicholson runs the modern classes and has trained at the Brits as well as the Betty Wivell Academy. ​She has performed at Disney in Paris and lots of other performances. She has been with the school for five years and has lots of passion for dance and loves teaching. We believe in continuity and do not chop and change teachers. This helps to give the children a secure, quality tuition.
For most classes, children don’t need experience, although you can contact the school to check dependent on class.


For a trial class, a leotard or swimming costume, barefoot, or for the older children, footless tights are required with hair up in a ponytail for girls.

Fun, Safe Learning

Modern FAQ

Do I need previous experience?
For most classes children don’t need experience, although you can contact the school to check dependent on Class.
What equipment will I need?

For a trial class, a leotard or swimming costume with footless tights or barefoot. Hair in ponytail.No shoes.boys tight, vest / T-shirt, and shorts. Please contact school to find out which class to attend.

What ages groups do you teach?
We teach most age groups.
How large are your groups?
Classes are not enormous to encourage quality as opposed to quantity.

All Classes


A beautifully artistic form of dance which is light and graceful. We love to marry up beautiful artistry and technique to promote a performer. we love to bring unusual inspiring pieces of music for each class to promote enjoyment and offer exciting interesting structures. The love of the art is what we want to pass on. we follow the ISTD syllabus.

A highly expressive form of dance, which is a fusion of jazz, lyrical, limbering, rhythm and funky moves. We also combine popular music with syllabus music to help inspire pupils. We follow the ISTD syllabus and examinations.

Contemporary brings together movement from several other genres such as jazz, modern and ballet. It's essential to all aspiring dancers of the world and is now a fusion of ballet, contemporary and modern. We include stretching, which is very important for any dancer.


We follow the ISTD syllabus which is so much fun. Born from the fusion of cultures on American soil, influenced by African rhythms ,Irish stepping and English clogging.

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