Karen Forbes School of dance


& Conditions

  1. Extra classes, such as examination, or coaching classes must be paid for prior to the class.
  2. Please note: Exams are not applicable to all pupils and Karen Forbes School of Dance reserves the right to withdraw and/or enter pupils at their
    discretion at any stage.
  3. Please note there will be no refunds under any circumstances – make up classes will be offered where necessary.
  4. Children who miss class will not be able to make them up, unless by prior arrangement.
  5. Existing pupils please note that should their booking and payment not be presented by the closing date, their places will be lost.
  6. Neither the school (Karen Forbes School of Dance) nor the hall will be liable for the loss or damage of any property belonging to the pupils.
  7. Parents and Guardians of children under the age of five are requested to remain on the premises i.e. in the corridor or in the room,
    in case they are needed during class.
  8. As is the case in any dance class, physical contact from teachers with pupils is an essential part of the lesson in order to rectify posture.
  9. If any unforeseen circumstances arise causing a class to be cancelled, a suitable alternative class will be arranged at the schools discretion and no
    refunds will be offered.
  10. Discounted prices are only available if classes are booked in advance by the appropriate date.
  11. Any student wishing to attend external auditions must obtain prior consent from Karen Forbes or they may lose their place in the school.
  12. Karen Forbes School of Dance reserves the right to refuse application to pupils or remove pupils at the schools discretion.
  13. If a pupil has an injury, even if sustained elsewhere, the school must be informed so that we can take appropriate precautions.
  14. Whilst every effort is made to keep children safe when dancing injuries can still be sustained, as with any area of exercise, and neither the school
    (Karen Forbes School of Dance), individual teacher or the hall will be liable for injuries sustained during classes.
  15. Pointe Work: for students undertaking Pointe Work we must stress this must only be undertaken with the supervision of the teacher and never
    outside the class

Unfortunately, refunds are not offered under any circumstances.